Paradox In The Bathroom

by Channel Surfing

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Channel Surfing is a quasi-vaporwave project. Meaning that it predates vaporwave, and was initially influenced by the glitch and idm scenes of the 90's and early 2000's. With Channel Surfing, the focus is on microhouse and shoegaze.

On 'Paradox In The Bathroom'. . . I took a detour, and focused on lyrics. This time, it was the political solitude of an uncertain future. The in-between moments, of both turmoil and tranquility in America.

Sonically, 'Paradox' uses Sound Design as a songwriting tool. Drum machines were treated like synthesizers, field recordings were processed like guitars. It is a very environmental spin on the "rock formula."


released April 29, 2017


Channel Surfing is a project based out of the Mojave Desert. The locus of Channel Surfing is "Ethereal Synthesis" in all it's various forms. From album to album, the locus changes, falling together or falling apart, but the same ethereal techniques apply in different ways. Sometimes, outspoken and political, other times, quiet and interspective. Enjoy. . .




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La bèl was born in March 1, 2010 (Biella/Rome). La bèl loves the experimentation, the sound of footsteps on the snow, internet & technology, the spring, the sun on the face, listen to music before falling asleep, being alone in the middle of the night,the cries of children that go out of school,the smell of the rain on the warm asphalt,the time of waiting, the moment before each arrival… ... more

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Track Name: Let Loose-Peaceful Advantage
we used to get along
we used to listen to songs
then i guess something went wrong
we used to peacefully disagree
and then it came to be
to be successful at what you are most likely to be [evolutionary statement]
we used to have a peaceful advantage
you can be what you want to be
maybe it never went away
but sometimes it's hard to say
Track Name: A Friend Arrives-Playing Favorites
what no one tells you your entire life
is common decency
is just a background illusion, of where culture used to be
to recharacterize the familiar, like vanilla ice's sister
it's a charade
the religious impulse, to find the people most agreeable to you [another evolutionary statement]
to become what you're most likely to be
the four walls of stupidity
where a tribe used to be
where a tribe used to be
a charade, with xenophobia, this reinforced horseshit illusion
a pantomime of counsel, where love used to be
where a tribe used to be
where a tribe used to be
where love used to be
to be morally opposed to getting a hobby
a flowering obscurity, of common decency
where a tribe used to be
where a tribe used to be
where love used to be [i live in the desert. on native american land]
Track Name: Vietnamese Rainstorm
love is never a popular thing
love is not what you want it to be
love is not some description, of possibility
selling desperation
a culture of treating adults like children
we got the need and feed blues
we got the hedging bet blues
as we try to breed out each other
we got the need and feed blues
to love the unloved
it's not all you need
nor is it some underbidding of the value of life
we got the need and feed blues
to love the unloved
to love the unloved
to love the unloved
to love the unloved love the unloved
Track Name: Contently And Talentbrew
kindness is so abstract
i don't know what you mean
we talk about something
kindness is never what you want it to be
we talk about something, temporary contemporary
kindness is so abstract
to put love away, put it out of it's misery
it's just a foreground illusion, of a background possibility
the fertility of poetry, the flowers of obscurity
[i should get a job as a premtech teacher, and tell people it's okay to be ashamed]
Track Name: Buy A Personaluty
i'll make you rich
i'll make you poor
Track Name: I Leave Myself Unchosen
check [repeat]
more asian than asian than asia [wry joke]
we need to be body positive
what am i talking about
Track Name: The Burmese Monks -With Yishmit-
referring to the monks in burma who protested
and were executed, and forgotten