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Lorelei is the debut album from duo Feminine, a wave manifesto against the deeply rooted reverence for the logic of genres.
Caught on the unconscious legacy of the tracks it contains, the album develops on two complementary levels: one archaic and passionate, troubled by the many contradictions of a land like Sicily and the other, accurate and bewitching, is a prelude to teutonic Stuttgart.

Sole actors of this project are Giampiero Riggio and Francesco Cipriano, who wove its threads by deconstructing the logic of composition into a countless number of bytes which they shared and exchanged remotely, each working from his own place.
This work is romantic and brave at the same time, constantly immersed into a very deep atmosphere, never trite, fooled by the certainty that there is no dream which cannot be described.

FEMININE: femininemusic.tumblr.com

RELEASE PAGE: www.labelnetlabel.com/releases/lbn037-feminine-lorelei


Traks: “è spesso nel minimalismo di alcune tracce che si avvertono gli istinti migliori del disco.” (www.musictraks.com/feminine-lorelei-recensione-e-streaming.html)
Ziklibrenbib: “impressionnant et singulier et à écouter à fort volume pour en saisir toutes les riches nuances.” (www.acim.asso.fr/ziklibrenbib/feminine-lorelei/)
Triste: “Uno sguardo sul passato e la voglia di sperimentare insolite e istintive fusioni sono gli ingredienti di questo ottimo primo atto…” (tristesunset.com/2017/01/09/feminine-lorelei/)
Rockerilla: “un’alchimia sonora che stupisce e ammalia.”
TomTomRock: “…le dieci tracce del disco vivono per conto loro senza bisogno di troppi rimandi. Ed è già un gran bel risultato.” (breakfastjumpers.blogspot.it/2016/12/feminine-our-sleep.html)
The Breakfast Jumpers: “un disco chi ti dilata e contrae il cuore come un muscolo involontario.” (breakfastjumpers.blogspot.it/2016/12/feminine-our-sleep.html)
Liverpool Sound and Vision: “Feminine have opened up something that is fleshy, full of heart and more importantly has soul.” (www.liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk/2016/12/21/feminine-lorelei-album-review/)
Beach Sloth: “…a passionately felt piece of work, one whose arrangements linger in the mind long after they are over.” (www.beachsloth.com/feminine-lorelei.html)
Music Won’t Save You: “…una dimensione popolata da suggestioni stimolanti, che travalicano tempi, luoghi e temperie stilistiche.” (musicwontsaveyou.com/2016/12/17/feminine-lorelei/)
Musica Difficile Italiana: “…una forte componente sperimentale nella complessità degli intrecci possibili tra suoni, rumori e linee vocali…” (musicadifficileitaliana.tumblr.com/post/154584712959/feminine-lorelei)
Yeah I Know It Sucks: “why talk if you could just listen, right” (yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/feminine-lorelei/)
Rockit.it: “una sorta di concept bicromatico dove crepuscolo e luce duellano sopra un immaginifico, quanto composito, palcoscenico” (www.rockit.it/recensione/34476/feminine-lorelei)


released December 10, 2016


Have we ever wondered what could measure the need…if there’s a measurement unit for longings o if everything has to be related to necessity? Archaic, as the most intimate of the relationships, the artistic liaison that connects Sicily to a small Stuttgart suburb lives, in a nutshell, of this urge that, may that be measurable or not, has its clear empathy, through which the notes of Giampiero Riggio and Francesco Cipriano (Oldpolaroid) discovered an own private Elysian field, physically very distant from their homeland but unendingly kissed by Zephyr. The light and shady areas of a Pastorale. A teutonic Madrigal. Moving folk ballads. Everything longing for the Sun after shortly visiting the darkest of the nights. Those are the things that inspire Feminine, a duo crushed between the bits of a social network and the lightning alienations of rotting electronics, treated as a Blues Sonnet but with respect and deference, as it is appropriate toward an old Lady, because the World is Woman. No dimension is not to be expected around the corner from Feminine, once understood that the sense of things doesn’t exist in the things themselves, but is given, allowing oneself to imagine it. Because imagination can run beyond the given path, beyond every gynecocracy, but only if whispered to the winds, the seas, the mountains, the skies!

Feminine - "Coral Face" (Video) youtu.be/cSd-2d10xf4

Written, performed and recorded in 2013-2016
in Messina (IT), Trapani (IT) and Stuttgart (DE)
All songs arranged and perfomed by Francesco Cipriano
Lyrics & Vocals written and performed by Giampiero Riggio
except for “A Ghost too”, written and performed by Laura Loriga (Mimes of Wine)
Drums & additional samples by Enzo Cimino
Produced by Enzo Cimino
Mastered at Ludnica Studio Rec




La bel netlabel Italy

La bèl was born in March 1, 2010 (Biella/Rome). La bèl loves the experimentation, the sound of footsteps on the snow, internet & technology, the spring, the sun on the face, listen to music before falling asleep, being alone in the middle of the night,the cries of children that go out of school,the smell of the rain on the warm asphalt,the time of waiting, the moment before each arrival… ... more

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Track Name: Sun
Row dad, the stars will guide, we’re getting there at
night. Row dad, row fast, the Sun is gone, but do we reach the
shore! The grip of the soil, do we crave for more? The feel of a
sleep of gold. Row dad, row fast, the shore ain’t bright, but do
we glow at night! The grip of the soil do we crave for more?
The feel of a sleep of gold.
Track Name: Honeyhunters
It is my heart that makes me do things? Is
it the night that darkens the way? Why can’t i love the sun?
How could i bare to stay? How did i end up so far away?
Honeyhunters climb their ropes and chase me away. Honey
bee stung but they went on, their fire burned and burned.
(Nobody is worth the hide) Honeyhunters climb their ropes
and chase me away. Honeybee-stung, but they went on, their
fire burned and burned.
Track Name: Mohican
See the Black Tide, how it grows through the
streets. See, the Mountain burns like a bonfire, like our love
alone, like a bonfire! See, the Black Tide, see, it claims our
Land, see, the Spring might never come again! And down in
the Harbour, like in the end of war, when we go back home,
we seem to drift alone. Like some bonfires! Like our love
alone! Like some bonfires!
Track Name: A ghost too (feat. Laura Loriga)
(To step ahead is such a sight sometimes) A
book of dreams, what is there always, from before all things,
Janus’ whale in await in past and present complex and solemn,
close. He’s a Ghost too now. I did everything to return (there),
like a big headless eel and I am such a small hull now. He’s a
Ghost too now.
Track Name: Our Sleep
May the Moonlight guide our eyes, make the
walk back be found. May the porch light be bright. May the
walls of our rooms make our sleep safe. May the Ghosts of our
house dwell there until the night sinks back.
Track Name: Coral Face
Seafoam hands of mother-of-pearl. A fragile
home, a coral Face. Under your shell eyes a diatom smile.
Your seaweed hair, hide of your beast heart. Under your shell
eyes a diatom smile. Your seaweed hair, a crown of spines.
Hide of your beast heart.
Track Name: Centuries
To the Light Years i will give my body to, when
my Eyes, Limbs and Heart will become as one: dust, stars and
traces. Because one thing is clear: we don’t belong and we
never will. When my Bones will be relics, i’ll be foreigner, i’ll
be silence. Because one thing is clear: we don’t belong and
we never will.
Track Name: Sacred Stones
Look at the horizon, i sense a storm coming
close, it resonates through the waves of the Harbour. Flickers
on the leaves, on the tip of our fingers. We should run where
the mother of my mother took me as a child. If those stones
could talk - and who said they can’t? - they would tell us
stories of billows and tides, of the ones they sheltered, of the
ones that got lost, of salt & moons, of capers & cries, how
the shoreline changed, how some things stayed, how the
shoreline changed, how some things stayed.